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Preparing For Vehicle Wrecker Services: What To Do Before Your Car Is Towed

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A call to a vehicle wrecker service often comes at stressful times, such as post-accident scenarios, mechanical failures, or when your old car needs to be disposed of. Understanding how to prepare before the wrecker arrives to tow your car is crucial. This easy-to-follow guide outlines the necessary steps, aiming to provide you with peace of mind, knowing you've handled everything efficiently.

1. Safeguard Your Personal Belongings

Before the car wrecker service arrives, make sure to meticulously remove all personal items from your car. Check the console, glove compartment, pockets behind seats, trunk, and even visor slots for items like sunglasses. Your belongings could get misplaced or lost in transit, particularly when your car is destined for a wrecking yard.

2. Secure Your Important Vehicle Documents

Your car houses important documents — registration and insurance papers, the owner's manual, and service records, to name a few. Remember to retrieve these as they will be instrumental when liaising with insurance companies or setting up your new vehicle.

3. Document Your Vehicle's Condition with Evidence

If your car's condition requires the service of a car wrecker due to an accident, it becomes doubly important to document its state. Capture high-resolution photographs from various angles, focusing on the damaged areas. Detailed visual evidence like this becomes invaluable during your insurance claim processing.

4. Initiate Communication with Your Insurance Company

Keep your insurance company in the loop about your vehicle's condition and the involvement of a wrecker service. They can provide guidance on claim procedures, ensuring the towing and subsequent processes align with their protocol.

5. Detach Your License Plates

Regulations in many jurisdictions necessitate returning your license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles if your car is being sold or dispatched to a wrecker. So, don't forget to unscrew those plates before your car gets towed away.

6. Select a Professional and Reputable Wrecker Service

With a multitude of vehicle wrecker services at your disposal, picking a trustworthy one is crucial. Conduct an online search, read user reviews, and inquire about their policies on vehicle handling. A responsible wrecker service is one that satisfies your specific needs and assures the safe, environmentally conscious disposal of vehicles.


Being prepared significantly eases the stress associated with engaging a vehicle wrecker service. Even though it may seem daunting, a step-by-step approach to handling your car before it's towed can make the process smoother. Such a proactive approach ensures the ability to handle the subsequent steps, like an insurance claim or procuring a new vehicle.

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