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Non-Accident, Non-Dead Battery, And Non-Flat Tire Incidents Where You May Need Towing

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Most motorists resort to calling towing services when one of three things occur. Usually, it is when they get a flat tire and cannot change it themselves (or they do not have a spare), the battery is dead, or an accident rendered their vehicles undrivable. However, there are times when you will need a tow truck where none of these usual and typical incidents is the reason for calling a tow truck. Here are some examples of incidents not involving dead car batteries, flat tires, or accidents where you will (and should!) call a tow truck. 

Your Axles or Tie Rods Bust

Not much is quite as freaky as suddenly having your vehicle clunk completely out in front of you on the road and then realize that you no longer have control over the vehicle even though the engine is on and it is, technically, running. If and when you can exit the car to get a good look, you may find that one or more of your tires are tilted at awkward angles to the ground and the car seems to be kissing asphalt. This means that either your tie rods or your axles have busted completely, and your car is most definitely not going anywhere. A flatbed tow truck is needed to scoop your vehicle off the road (or wherever it was when things broke) and take it to a mechanic's shop. You might also decide to just send this vehicle to the salvage yard instead, especially if it is a particularly old car/money pit. 

You Are out of Gas

It happens to everyone. You get so busy running around from work, errands, important events, schools, etc. that you forget to check the gas in the car. Then the car does not start, and you are at a loss as to why, until you see that there is zero gas in the tank. Tow trucks are equipped to bring a couple of gallons to your location, but you will have to pay for both the tow service and the gas poured into your vehicle's tank. Most drivers will only give your vehicle enough gas to get started and get you to the nearest gas station to take care of this problem, so plan your next move while you wait for the tow truck to bring gas. 

You Have a Salvage Car That Needs to Leave Your Property

Most salvage yards either have their own tow trucks to collect salvage vehicles or outsource to a couple of particular towing companies. You can choose which towing company to pick up your salvage car if the salvage yard does not have a towing company or tow truck working for them. At any rate, the vehicle has to be removed by tow truck.