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Need To Move A Non-Running Car Out Of An Apartment Parking Spot? Tow It To A Storage Facility

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Living in an apartment complex means that you may have to share parking spots with others. If your community has restrictions on how long a car can stay parked in a single spot, you will need to move a non-running car before you start to have issues with the management company. An ideal solution is to put the car in a storage unit, but you will need to make sure the facility accepts non-working vehicles. Then, you can hire a towing company to deliver the vehicle directly to the storage unit you rented.

Avoid Getting the Vehicle Impounded

The best part about putting the car into storage is that you do not have to worry amount impounding. You do not want to take a risk and hope that the management will be okay with the car sitting there. It is especially tricky if you cannot keep the car clean and it begins to look like an eyesore in the parking lot. Even trying to deliver the car to a side street can have risks of impoundment. Street sweeping every other week is a common way for people to get parking tickets or even have their car towed. Trying to recover your car after such an incident can run you anywhere from $100 to $1,000, which is a hefty price tag.

No Need to Rush for Repairs

When you tow your car to safe storage, you do not have to rush to make repairs. Some car repairs are expensive, so it can give you plenty of time to save up enough money to get them done. This is a better long-term solution than trying to drive the car after investing in a temporary fix. If you have a decent idea of when you might have enough money to get the vehicle fixed, you can always work out a deal with the storage facility to receive lower monthly rates for signing a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year lease.

Keep the Vehicle Protected

Although your vehicle is not likely to get seriously damaged just by sitting in the parking lot, some problems can occur such as paint oxidation from constant exposure to the sun. Routine exposure to moisture may also lead to rusting on the door handles, trim, and tires. Towing your car shortly after it stops working will help you avoid these problems and keep damage costs to a minimum.

Towing your car is a crucial step in protecting your non-running car and avoiding hefty impound fees.