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Got A Flat Tire? What You Need To Know When Using A Towing Company

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If your vehicle was involved in an accident, and has one or more flat tires, you may be wondering if your car can be towed. Here are a few of the questions you may have in such a situation and the answers.

Can a Tow Truck Company Tow a Car With One or More Flat Tires?

A tow truck company can tow a car if it has one or more flat tires. However, if possible, it is advised that cars be towed with all four tires in good condition and properly inflated. If that isn't an option though, a tow truck driver can work around it, but be sure to advise them of the situation when you call for a tow so they send the correct type of truck out to you.

How Do They Get the Car on the Truck?

If you have one or more flat tires on your car, a wheel lift tow truck can not be used to transport your vehicle. Instead, a flat bed tow truck must be used. A flat bed has a bed that is able to lower and move to different angles. A wench is then attached to the front of your vehicle. The wench uses hydraulics to pull your car up onto the bed, where it can then be hooked into place and transported to your desired destination.

Why is it Recommended that the Tires All Be Properly Inflated?

There are a couple of reasons why it is recommended that your tires be properly inflated when towing your car. The first is that when your tires are properly inflated, you have the option of using a wheel lift tow truck, a hook and chain tow truck or a flat bed tow truck. When you have one or more flat tires, you must use a flat bed tow truck. These can be more expensive.

The other reason tow truck drivers prefer your tires to be inflated is because your vehicle is unbalanced. This can present problems when the flat bed tow truck is turning. An unbalanced car must be mounted into place using cribbage equipment to help balance the car, which takes more time and effort.

If you have a car that has one or more flat tires, and you need to contact a towing company, always let the tow truck company you are hiring know about the issue. However, while it presents more of a challenge, a vehicle missing a tire or with multiple flats can be towed with the right equipment.