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How To Get Your Car Out Of The Mud

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Driving in the rain is not only dangerous because of the wet and slick roads, but because you might end up stuck in the mud. The worst thing you can do is accelerate in an attempt to get out, because this causes your tires to spin and dig deeper into the sludge. Try these other methods instead.

Find Traction

One of the best methods for getting a car out of mud is by using traction. Your tires need something to hold onto, as opposed to sinking deeper into the mud. This must be some type of solid object that give the tires something to drive over, however briefly, in order to get out of the mud. The first thing you should do is consider what objects you have in your car or outside in the surrounding area that can be used for traction.

If you have a cardboard box, break it down and lay the pieces of cardboard in front of all four tires, as close to the bottom of the tires as you can. Other items that work well include your car's floor mats and flat wooden boards. If you are going to try to back up out of the mud, put them behind the tires.

Rock the Vehicle

The next method that can help you get out of the mud is to try rocking your vehicle. This is a good alternative to simply accelerating, since it doesn't cause you to get stuck deeper in the mud. For the rocking method, you need to start your engine, then put the car in drive. Step on the gas lightly to accelerate, just enough to rock your car forward. Now switch to reverse and repeat the same process, but letting your car rock backward. Continue going back and forth until your car starts lifting from the mud enough to drive out safely.

Remove the Mud Itself

If you can safely get out of the vehicle and access a shovel, you might be able to remove some of the mud around the tires by hand. This is only effective if the car isn't too deep in the mud. It is also the messiest option, so you should try the other methods first. You want to get as much mud removed from around all four tires as possible.

If none of these methods work, call a towing company (like Connolly's Towing Inc) for the extra help you need to get out.