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What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down On The Freeway

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Nothing is scarier than breaking down on the freeway. Unless you're not able to get off the freeway, that is. If your car breaks down on the busiest road and you have no hope of moving it, you need to act quickly. Here are things you can do to protect yourself and your vehicle when it is broken down in fast-moving traffic.

Turn on your hazards and get out

Turn on your hazard lights and evacuate your vehicle as soon as you can. Don't attempt to push your vehicle off the road yourself, even if there doesn't seem to be any traffic on the road. At any moment, a car or large semi can come barreling at you can cause a very dangerous accident. Stand on the side of the road where vehicles can steer clear of you and use your arms or wave a coat over your head to attract attention from other drivers. They will most likely notice your commotion and slow down out of curiosity before they even see your car stalled in front of them. This can help prevent an accident from happening.

Know who to call first

You may think the first thing you should do is call for emergency towing, but the first call you should make should be to the police department. Some police vehicles are equipped with a special bumper designed to push vehicles off the road, and this is what you need. Wait near your vehicle for a cop to arrive and guide traffic away from your vehicle. When they tell you to, get in the car so you can guide it to the side of the road as they push you out of the way to safety.

Call insurance

Your insurance company should be your next call. They can guide you to a nearby towing service company and make a note of your vehicle's condition. Start a claim as you are on the phone with them, especially if you suspect something may be mechanically wrong with your vehicle. You will need this claim later to perform repairs on your vehicle after an emergency tow truck has arrived. If your vehicle has been moved safely out of the way of traffic, get in your car and keep the hazards on until your tow truck has arrived.

Breaking down on the freeway can be one of the most scary moments of your life. If you act quickly and call the right authorities, you can get your car out of harm's way and be on the way to getting it repaired in a very short time.

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