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Learn What Could Happen If You Park Illegally In A Business's Parking Lot

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When you park your car illegally in a business's parking lot, it can be towed without warning if there are signs posted in the lot indicating that the lot is only designated for customers of the business and towing is enforced. If your car is towed because of illegal parking, it will be taken to an impound lot. When your car is towed, it is important to know what to expect when you get to the impound lot to make sure that you properly prepared. The following guide walks you through everything you need to know about getting your car out of impound when it has been towed.

You Will Have to Pay Towing Fees

When your car is towed, the tow truck company (like John's Wrecker Service) is not paid by the business. You are responsible for the costs associated with the tow. The cost will be dependent on how difficult the tow was and how many miles the tow truck had to travel. Oversized or lowered vehicles often cost more to tow because they are more difficult to tow.

You Will Have to Pay Impound Fees

When your car is put into the impound lot, there are fees you will have to pay. The lot will charge you for every day that the car is on the lot and the cost can quickly add up. The initial day of fees will have to pay no matter if your car is there for four hours or four minutes on the first day because the car will be taking up a spot on the lot and an attendant will have to manage it.

You May Need a Licensed Driver

When you go to pick up your car, there are some jurisdictions that require a licensed driver to operate the car before it can be taken from the lot. It is important to make sure that you bring proof of your valid driver's license or a licensed driver with you when you go to pick up the vehicle.

You May Need to Provide Proof of Registration and Insurance

There are also some jurisdictions that require impound lots to check the registration and proof of insurance before releasing a vehicle. If you do not have proof of your insurance, you may be able to have your insurance company fax the proof to the impound lot so that you can have your car released. Keep the registration to the vehicle in the glove box of the car at all times to ensure that you have it if you ever need it.

When you arrive at the impound lot, the attendant will be able to help you get your car out of impound. If you do not have enough money to pay all of the fees immediately, they will not release your car to you. If someone else was driving your car and got it impounded, the impound lot will still not be able to release the car until all fees are paid.