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Answering Two Important Questions About Hauling Over-Sized Equipment

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When you are needing to move large equipment a great distance, you might be best served by hiring professionals who specialize in large equipment hauling. Safely moving these large pieces of equipment will require specialized vehicles and drivers. For those that have never used these services, having the following two questions answered about over-sized load hauling should help you to better understand this process. 

What Is The Process For Hauling Over-Sized Loads?

In order to move equipment that is too wide to fit on a conventional truck, you will have to resort to using a specialized flatbed that will be able to support the weight and size of these objects. These trucks have strong chain supports built into it to make it possible to fasten the load to the vehicle. 

Additionally, you will need to have a vehicle escort. These escorts are designed to warn other drivers that there is an over-sized load so that they can take special safety precautions when driving past it. Furthermore, there will be many roads that are unable to support this type of shipment, and your driver will have to plan a route that will not present problems, such as weak bridges, low clearance, and any other barriers. 

Can You Reduce The Cost Of Insuring An Over-Sized Load?

When shipping expensive equipment, you should always purchase an insurance policy. These policies will protect you from the financial damages that may result from accidents involving your equipment. Unfortunately, insuring over-sized loads is far more expensive than traditional loads, and this can present major financial obstacles to small businesses. 

Luckily, there may be some steps that you can follow to help reduce this expense. Many equipment hauling services allow customers to purchase discounted insurance policies through them. However, the fact is that these policies often have lower limits, which can increase your liability. To take advantage of the discounted price without compromising your protection, you should consider purchasing a separate casualty policy for any additional coverage that you require. These policies are often very affordable, and this will be especially true for those only buying them for additional coverage. 

Understanding the nuances of equipment hauling is essential if this is a task your enterprise will have to do on a regular basis. In particular, this means knowing the process for hauling over-sized equipment and the best way to take advantage of the carriers low-limit discounted insurance policies. With this knowledge, you can help ensure that your business's equipment hauling experience goes as smoothly as possible. 

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